Welcome! Have a seat 'n stay a while. Thank you for visiting our little corner of the Internet, and joining us for the launch of Here Are Words , a new podcast for people who love media, science, nerd-culture, and inappropriate conversations. 

Listen each week as we select a word that is relevant and meaningful to our lives and worthy of a compelling, albeit meandering discussion. We'll provide inarticulate commentary on an interesting and exciting array of subjects all while striving to enlighten and amuse you with our turns-of-phrase, cringe-inducing punnitry, and rare moments of intellectual insight. It's sure to be great fun for dozens of listeners. 

On today's inaugural episode, Cameron and I discuss the word "FIRST"! Seeing as this is the first official episode of our first official podcast, we thought it seemed rather fitting. Not only that, but Cameron just had his first child! He'll tell you his wife was the one who did all the baby-having, but that's an argument for another episode. 

While we dedicate most of the episode to Cameron's new bundle of joy, we wanted to provide our listeners with a little bit of intellectually stimulating background on the first of many words we'll be discussing on the show. So, that being said, let's take a look at our word - courtesy of Wiktionary! 

FIRST (Definition)   

Adjective: Having no predecessor. The ordinal number corresponding to one. 

Adverb: Before anything else (as in; firstly) .

Noun: Something that has never happened before; a new occurrence.  

FIRST (Etymology)  

From Middle English first, fyrst, furst, ferst; From Old English fyrst, fyrest  ("foremost, principal, chief, original"); From Proto-Germanic furistaz  ("foremost"); superlative of Proto-Germanic fur/fura/furi ("before"); From Proto-Indo-European per/pero ("forward, beyond, around") . 

Our lives are filled with many memorable first experiences: from our first steps, to our first words, to our first consensual boob-grab (amirite, guys? No, really. Is that a thing?). While it's possible that no event in a potentially infinite and ever-expanding universe lacks precedent, designating these events as "firsts" allows us to share the joy and fear that comes with our individual rites of passage with the rest of the human community. We gain access to a vast linguistic mine of human experience and emotion, and implicitly acknowledge a sense of commonality with the rest of our species. 

One's first bicycle ride becomes less intimidating when one knows others have treaded the same path. One's first day of school seems less traumatic when one realizes how many previous students survived. Even this effort of launching and committing to a podcast, website, and blog becomes less mortifying when we know other amateurs and professionals have overcome their insecurities and surrendered themselves to the open arms of the Internet. Which is why we're here, ready and willing to fail, and hopeful that you'll join us on our first adventure in the land of podcasting! 

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- M.