Consistent as Ever with McPixel Episode 2

More is better and McPixel absolutely delivers. More bizarre scenarios with a little touch of pop culture to give a knowing wink and smile to those looking for it. See how I am easily stumped and how quickly I resort to cursing. 

It is increasingly difficult to find games that have actual characterMcPixel, while straightforward and simple insofar as mechanics, very quickly cultivates a distinct character. Art and humor create something that stands apart while being fun and remaining memorable at the same time.

Problem solving and puzzles shouldn't be entirely obvious at first glimpse. Even though bonus levels are tied to winning streaks, seeking these experiences is a factor of 1) Replayability and 2) Luck if you actually figure out a solution from the get go. Those who choose correctly at first blush are delighted because of the improbable, but correct, answer. Even failures are positive because loss is funny and sifting through each 'scenes' possibilities is fruitless but does not disappoint.

Smart experiences like this are few and far between, but it is refreshing and a relief when something so polished rises to the surface.