Dungeon of the Endless: Now THIS Is a Game I Can Play!

Let's face it, normally I suck when I play pretty much any game. Dungeon of the Endless, however... this is my kind of game! It is written into the stars that this one will be played into the ground.

Dungeon of the Endless from Amplitude Studios is hard to describe based on game play mechanics because it follows the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink mentality. While still in beta/early-access, the RPG/tower defense/dungeon crawling/strategy/rogue-like-like/adventure aspects are already tight as a drum. It follows with the modern-retro pixel art style and borrows many facets from the other Endless games from Amplitude. The currency is Dust, Science is used to research new defenses, Food still plays a role. It's nice to have that kind of consistency across markedly different games.

Check out my series below and fall in love with Dungeon of the Endless!