Spacebase DF-9: So Much Promise

This beauty comes from the fabulous people at Double Fine who have assembled other games such as the explosively popular Broken Age, quirky and smart Stacking, and the cult classic Psychonauts.

Spacebase DF-9 occupies the Sims-in-Space game nook that I didn't know existed. Although in alpha, SB DF-9 mines the fruitful and intelligent vein of tongue-in-cheek humor while confronting the play with preposterous events that can require creative problem solving. Fire break out in your bar? Vent the room and all of the patrons! Potential intruders at your door? Arm EVERYONE.

Regular updates and improvements keep the game fresh on it's way to 1.0 while providing fun to those who wish to get in early. Take a look at our video to see my impressions!