Returning to Words: Echoes in the Dark

Pardon the 10-month-long lapse. I'm back!

Little more to say than "life happens" and offer an apology of sorts. Which, in this case, is a Let's Play of Concrete Jungle! I go into a little more depth relating to my comings and goings but much more into the game. It's a good one... the game that is.

Electronic Super Joy Groove City Complete!

Can you believe it? I actually manage to complete a game. Granted, the final boss battle was a half an hour of failure followed by the least interesting (i.e. somewhat cheat-y) tactic possible. But who cares?! I DONE IT MA'!

Treat your ear holes to fantastic music and your eye holes to pretty colors with Electronic Super Joy Groove City.

Black Ice developer Garrett Cooper Internet Sit-down

Black Ice developer Garrett Cooper Internet Sit-down

For those who have frequented my YouTube channel, you may have seen my recent Let's Play with Black Ice developer Garrett Cooper, A.K.A. superdupergc. Garrett was also kind enough to sit down with me without the distraction of laz guns, web crawlers, and The Shark, so that we could discuss Black Ice uninterrupted by my penchant for anarchy and chat about his Indie game development experiences.

Garrett is a man of passion. He is in the enviable position of being able to 1) envision his ideal game 2) actually be able to make it. Charismatic and sociable, he works diligently and patiently to share his love with others so that they, too, can whittle away hours while blasting away foes.

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Consistent as Ever with McPixel Episode 2

More is better and McPixel absolutely delivers. More bizarre scenarios with a little touch of pop culture to give a knowing wink and smile to those looking for it. See how I am easily stumped and how quickly I resort to cursing. 

It is increasingly difficult to find games that have actual characterMcPixel, while straightforward and simple insofar as mechanics, very quickly cultivates a distinct character. Art and humor create something that stands apart while being fun and remaining memorable at the same time.

Problem solving and puzzles shouldn't be entirely obvious at first glimpse. Even though bonus levels are tied to winning streaks, seeking these experiences is a factor of 1) Replayability and 2) Luck if you actually figure out a solution from the get go. Those who choose correctly at first blush are delighted because of the improbable, but correct, answer. Even failures are positive because loss is funny and sifting through each 'scenes' possibilities is fruitless but does not disappoint.

Smart experiences like this are few and far between, but it is refreshing and a relief when something so polished rises to the surface.