Press Jump to Jump in Electronic Super Joy Episode 2

A recent development in most block buster video games is that they are pretty easy. Easy in the sense that they give you the option of choosing how hard of a time you wish to have. Moreover, most games these days let you change difficulty on the fly.

You thought you were going to go whole-hog-hardcore-hard-challenge mode this play through. What? That impossible boss that smashes you in a single hit isn't your idea of a thrilling time? Drop down to crazy easy mode till the battle is over.

What's that you say? You've died on the same tooth-gnashing jumping puzzle a good twenty times? "Hit 'X' to skip!"

Electronic Super Joy offers none of that. With the exception of infinite lives (so far as I can tell and boy have I tested that), you really do have to complete each leg of the game. Even though the original Super Mario Bros. had a system to skip grand swaths of the game, you had to play and discover those paths or read a magazine to find out where they were. SMB is substantially removed from the instantaneous knowledge base known as the Internet, so you had to be damn lucky or have friends who were in order to jump forward in the game. Otherwise, you had to play the game to beat it.

Thanks ESJ for giving me a reason to laugh and swear while making me nauseous! It was a blast.

Keeping the Fire Burning with Electronic Super Joy Episode 1

Just like any good DJ I wanted to maintain the energy before we cool it down again with some more contemplative gameplay.

From the mind of Michael Todd we have Electronic Super Joy. This beauty has copious amounts of music, sex appeal, motion-sickess-inducing... motion. From funny dialogue to platforming action that challenges my patience, ESJ is a great game with solid legs. 

If that isn't enough, a little something may be cooking on the ESJ horizon.