'Manliness: Post Script'


Hey Again Fellow Wordies,

On today's show, Cameron and I introduce the very first bonus episode of Here Are Words by digging a little deeper into our conversation on "manliness." In keeping with the English major-y theme of our show, we'll be calling these bonus episodes our Post Scripts. Our Post Script episodes are meant to provide an extra dose of insight into our relationship with words we find exceptionally interesting. They won't be as long as our traditional episodes, but we hope you'll find them just as entertaining and informative. 

In today's Post Script  we investigate the motives behind transgender performers, cross-dressers, and drag queens. We go mano-y-mano with a paper towel company's advertised depiction of the masculine ideal, and question how that ideal has evolved over time. I do my best to explain how Iceland's - and, arguably, the world's - hyper-male economic structure has undergone a necessary reinvention (for more eloquent insight on this topic, check out Michael Lewis's non-fiction book on the global economic collapse of 2008,  Boomerang ). Finally, we talk about how men who wish to escape overtly gendered identifications may or may not be able to do so, and wonder if our contemporary society can ever truly achieve gender-blindness. 

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