1. The fact of being typically male; maculinity.

2. The traditional male quality of being brave and strong.  

 Noun, sing.

 Hey Fellow Wordies, 

We're puffing our chests out and pridefully strutting in celebration of the release of the third episode of Here Are Words!

On today's show, we're dedicating one half hour to the subject of MANLINESS!   

*Breaks keg on face*

What does it mean to be 'typically' or 'traditionally' manly? We explore the differences between sex and gender, make wild suppositions about the evolution of fashion in the human species, and throw some smack-talk on our appearance driven mass-media culture and its effect on gender identification. 

So snuggle up in your bear-skin pelts, put some syrup on your tubs of bacon, and put your axes down for one moment while we pulverize your ears and minds into submission with our manly words.